Ghislaine Maxwell’s last public appearance before her arrest was to support charity for human trafficking victims


BRAZEN Ghislaine Maxwell’s last public appearance before her arrest was to support a charity for human trafficking victims, The Sun can reveal.

The British socialite – who denies procuring girls for paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring – was pictured at London’s Cash and Rocket rally in June 2019.

One of the three charities the event supported was the Helen Bamber Foundation, which helps survivors of “extreme human cruelty” including “sexual exploitation”.

Lawyers for Epstein’s victims last night questioned whether the appearance was a “cruel PR stunt” by Maxwell to put investigators off her scent.

Gloria Allred said: “It is highly likely that in June 2019 Ms Maxwell would have known law enforcement was investigating Jeffrey Epstein on allegations he sex trafficked underaged girls.

“Since she had previously worked for Mr Epstein, was intimate with him and lived with him, she may have also realised that she could be a person of interest or a target of their investigation.

“I have to wonder if she chose to participate in this rally as a calculated PR tactic which would portray her as a socialite who was sympathetic to and supportive of victims of sex trafficking.

“Rather than as a woman who would conspire to recruit underage girls to be sex trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein.

“As she sits in her jail cell, she must now realise that many victims of Jeffrey Epstein will consider her participation in the rally to have been a cruel PR stunt and the height of hypocrisy.

“Although she was portraying herself as rallying for victims, Ms Maxwell should not expect that victims will rally for her.”

Maxwell, 58, now in a jail cell facing child grooming charges, was pictured wearing red at the start of the Cash and Rocket charity car rally on June 6 last year.

She even used the event to drop in at Buckingham Palace and meet close pal Prince Andrew.

The rally, for a group of “the world’s most successful women”, partnered her with Annette Mason, the wife of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason in a four-day drive to Monaco.

It raised money for three charities including child poverty group Sumbandila, the Dream For Future Africa Foundation and the Helen Bamber Foundation.

The Helen Bamber Foundation, founded by the late human rights activist with the same name, and says on its website that it works with people subjected to “human trafficking”.

It also adds that the survivors it helps include those who have faced “forced labour, sexual exploitation, gender-based and ‘honour-based’ violence”.

Epstein was arrested in July 2019 – just one month after the rally – in suspicion of running a sex trafficking operation, before killing himself in prison.

He is suspected of trafficking dozens of girls to his mansions in America and his private Caribbean retreat in the US Virgin Islands.

Maxwell went into hiding following Epstein’s arrest, shuttling from safehouse to safehouse in the US with a team of British security guards.

The FBI finally took the heiress into custody earlier this month, on July 2, after tracking her down to a £800,000 home in New Hampshire.

She now faces 35 years in prison, charged with child grooming and perjury.

Ghislaine Maxwell denies all allegations of sexual misconduct made against her.

The Helen Bamber Foundation did not respond to a request for comment.


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