Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life secrets WILL be made public as judge rules redacted court docs should be unsealed


SECRETS of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life will be revealed ahead of her trial on sex trafficking charges, a New York judge has ruled.

Lawyers for Maxwell had sought to keep documents from a 2015 lawsuit sealed on the grounds they contained “extremely personal” information that could used to “promote public scandal”. 

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Maxwell has long fought the release of the five documents, totally 94 pages, but Judge Loretta Preska today ruled they should be unsealed within a week.

Many of the pages have previously been released, but Maxwell’s lawyers said those that remained sealed contained answers to “intrusive questioning” about her sex life.

“The subject matter of these is extremely personal, confidential and subject to considerable abuse by the media,” they said in an earlier filing.

Judge Preska ruled that Maxwell’s concerns – including privacy and the impact on her criminal case – were “far outweighed” by the need for public access.

Maxwell’s legal team still has seven days to launch an emergency appeal.

The names of two mysterious ‘John Does’ will also be revealed if and when the documents are unsealed.

Maxwell is currently awaiting trial on accusations that she played a central role in prolific child abuse carried out by her millionaire former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein.

She faces charges of enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury, though denies any wrongdoing.

The documents formed part of a defamation lawsuit brought against Maxwell in 2015 by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts.

Roberts has alleged a litany of abuse by Epstein, including that she was trafficked for sex with Prince Andrew in 2001, a claim the prince has “vehemently” denied.

Roberts brought a libel case after Maxwell accused her of lying.

The case was settled in 2017 before it reached trial but, while more than 2000 pages of evidence were released, around 900 court filings remained under seal or redacted.

Roberts asked for some of them to be released as part of separate civil lawsuits against Maxwell and lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Numerous women have alleged that Maxwell helped to recruit and groom them before they were abused by Epstein as minors.

At least two have also alleged that Maxwell participated in the abuse herself.

She was arrested at a New Hampshire property at the start of this month, and last week was denied bail after prosecutors successfully argued that she was a flight risk.

She is scheduled to stand trial in July 2021, and faces 35 years if convicted.


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