Girl, 4, dies after being ‘raped and beaten into a coma by monster, 27’


A GIRL, 4, has died after being raped and battered into a coma by a monster, 27, it’s alleged.

Salome Segura Vega died in the intensive care unit in a hospital in Huila, south west Colombia, in the early hours of July 4.

The little girl had died from “refractory intracranial hypertension”, problems in her organs, brain trauma and multiple other injuries after Sebastian Mieles Betin, 27, sexually assaulted her, it’s alleged.

Vega was taken to hospital after she was found in an area of woodland by her mother on June 29 after she had reportedly gone missing.

The girl was playing with other children at about 8.30pm that evening when she disappeared.

The anxious parents and neighbours started to look for her, initially finding one of the girl’s sandals, it’s reported.

They also followed a trail that a mobile phone had left and managed to locate the four-year-old on the banks of a gorge, according to El Universal.

She was found unconscious and semi-naked, it’s reported.

Her body showed signs of having suffered serious violence and Betin was found just a few metres away by the search party who detained him and took him to local police, it’s reported.

Before being captured, Betin had to be taken to a clinic as he almost ended up lynched by outraged locals who tried to kill him, according to El Universal.

The victim was initially treated at a local hospital before being transferred to the clinic in Huila.

Betin, who worked for the parents of the victim, was arrested and charged with sexual abuse and homicide, according to Tribuna De La Bahia.

He denies the charges and says he has a daughter the same age, local reports claim.

He had been in the Huila area after he was hired by a company to carry out works in Puerto Alegria, according to reports.

The Governor of Huila Luis Enrique Dussan Lopez called for the suspect to receive a “severe sentence.”

“What happened with the girl in the municipality of Garzon cannot happen again”, he said.

Claudia Maya, head of the office of Childhood and Adolescence in Huila, said the government will give support to the family of the victim until the “murderer is sentenced and goes to jail,” according to local media reports.

The authorities state that 190 cases of child abuse have been registered in Huila this year.

The investigation is ongoing.



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