Glasgow City Council has been accused of’moving the goalposts’ on carbon neutral targets.


Glasgow City Council has been accused of’moving the goalposts’ on its carbon neutral targets.

A councillor raised the issue, concerned that previously agreed-upon targets had changed, despite officials insisting that the changes were made to bring the targets ‘up to date.’

A Labour councillor has accused Glasgow City Council bosses of “shifting the goalposts” to meet their March 2022 carbon targets.

The performance and scrutiny committee heard a report on a sustainable and low-carbon city earlier this week, and it was revealed that some “new targets” had been set to achieve Glasgow’s climate plan.

The original plans called for Glasgow to become a carbon-neutral city within a 20-year timeframe.

This means that any CO2 emitted into the atmosphere as a result of a company’s operations was offset by the removal of the same amount.

Glasgow will become a net zero carbon city by 2030, according to the new wording, which means that no carbon emissions will be released into the atmosphere.

“If you look through the paper, the wording in the targets has essentially changed,” Labour councillor Aileen McKenzie said.

“Some have been marked as met, while others have not.”

I’m just curious if it’s standard practice to change a target’s wording late in the term, and if so, why?

“I understand there are times when circumstances are beyond our control, but is it really acceptable to mark a target as agreed to say it was met when it wasn’t the original target?”

“It appears to me that the goalposts are being moved.”

Because of a change in circumstances, Ms McKenzie was informed that it was standard practice to refresh the plan.

“I think it’s just that there has been a slight shift in terms of how we want to address particular issues over time,” a council officer said.

“In that regard, we were simply trying to bring the plan up to date.”

The work to investigate the feasibility of bringing the subway under city control was another “updated” target.

The city will now examine the development of the Glasgow Metro system in collaboration with Transport Scotland and SPT.

George Gillespie, the organization’s executive director.

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