Global Distribution Organizers Working On Early Price Agreements For COVID-19 Vaccine


Organizers for a global COVID-19 vaccine distribution alliance are reportedly working on pricing structures for doses of the hypothetical treatment. According to a Reuters report, the GAVI vaccine alliance is working a variety of pricing structures for richer and poorer countries, with the maximum per shot said to cost roughly $40.

GAVI CEO Seth Berkley told the outlet that no set price had been decided on and also shot down the $40 maximum for wealthy countries, stating that “range of numbers” are being considered and presented. This figure allegedly came from sources in the European Union, who also said that they planned to negotiate for a less expensive price outside of GAVI.

“There was a large range of numbers, and [EU sources] put the highest number out,” Berkley said in an interview with Reuters. “And that ($40) was the maximum price in the range for high-income countries, rather than a set price.”

Berkley said the alliance has not firm prices set for the doses and that the numbers being discussed are just estimates.

GAVI has partnered with the World Health Organization and the CEPI Coalition on the COVAX facility, a program designed to provide fast and fair access to coronavirus vaccine doses for both developed and underdeveloped countries. Around 75 countries have submitted their interest in the program, which aims to make 2 billion doses available by the end of 2021.

“The truth is nobody has an idea what the price is going to be, because we have no idea which (potential COVID) vaccine is going to work,” Berkley said. “The challenge is trying to come up with a cost. Anybody who tells you they know isn’t being honest.”


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