GLOVES could be next for public with ministers ‘looking at’ the move


MINISTERS are “looking at” whether the public should have to wear gloves to stop the spread of coronavirus, it was revealed today.

Health Minister Lord Bethell said that covering up the hands remained under consideration.

On the possibility of Brits having to wear gloves, Conservative Baroness McIntosh of Pickering asked in the House of Lords today: “Has the Government formed a view on the use of gloves?

“Obviously we’re all following the guidance of washing our hands but surely the correct use of gloves outdoors and indoors could prevent the passing on of the virus?”

And health minister Lord Bethell, concluding a debate on coronavirus regulations, replied: “To date, gloves are not in the guidance but they remain an area that we’re looking at.”

It comes on the day that facemasks became mandatory to wear in a shop in England – following the advice in Scotland.

Anyone going in a supermarket, bank or store in England must cover their face or they could end up with a £100 fine.

But supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Costa Coffee have all said they won’t be enforcing the rules.

However, there are several exemptions which mean some people don’t have to wear one.

People with disabilities, breathing problems and children under 11 don’t have to cover up.

Today the Government rolled out a face mask “exemption card” people can show if they are asked to put one on.

Earlier health minister Ms Whately said: “We don’t want to see members of the public accosted for not wearing a face mask.”


Earlier today Ms Whately admitted that police won’t be called if people refuse to wear masks.

She said it would be “inappropriate” for police to be called and the Government strategy would rely on the common sense of Brits to protect each other.

Ms Whately told BBC Breakfast this morning: “We are expecting the vast majority of people to wear face masks.

“As we have seen the vast majority of people have followed the guidance, taken the steps on reducing movement and social distancing.”



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