Google’s New Pixel Buds Can be Bought Now, Just Not Here


After the companion app hit Google Play and basically screamed to the world that the new wireless Pixel Buds were coming, Google has officially put them on sale. In America. So after waiting six months, Google won’t let us buy a pair for ourselves here in the UK. Pfft.

The new Pixel Buds are totally wireless, and don’t include the braided connection cord of the original, and come with an in-ear design that’s bound to be a thousand times better than the crappy design from the original. Plus they come with features like fast pairing with Pixel devices, adaptive sound, hands-free Google Assistant, real-time translation (via Assistant), find my device support, and so on.

Google promises the buds get five hours of battery on their own, and up to 19 hours from a fully charged charging case

Andf they cost $179 in the States, which suggests something around £170 for us here in the UK – because that’s how these things go. That’s if they ever make it here, of course, because Google is keeping them in the USA for the time being. Apparently they’ll be coming to other countries “in the coming months” which is spectacularly unhelpful. Maybe it has something to do with logistics issues caused by coronavirus? The damn bug has affected everything else so far.

And if you try and navigate to the UK product page directly, Google just has a scrolling animation and a button to join the waiting list.

At least that gives Google time to prepare the other colours, because right now Americans can only order the buds in white. Mint Green, Black, and Orange are another “in the coming months” deal.



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