Group wanting to ‘boot Brisbane’ and form a new state of North Queensland is pushing for ‘NQEXIT’


Groups wanting Central and North Queensland to become a separate state are kicking things up a notch by branding their campaign ‘NQEXIT’.

With Queensland’s state election coming up next year, the ‘Boot Brisbane’ organisation has become an incorporated entity.

A website has been created in the hope it will bring together people in the regions to break off from the rest of the state.  

The website reads ‘separation is inevitable,’ with Boot Brisbane aiming to develop ‘a unified approach to securing statehood’.  

Boot Brisbane coordinator Bill Bates believes a period of economic struggle could make people realise they would benefit from a breakaway. 

‘In boom times no one overly notices if they are being well governed or not, but good governance is critical during difficult economic periods,’ he told the Cairns Post.  

‘The disparity in the growth of SEQ and our regions guarantees that, like the 2017 electoral redistribution which added four new SEQ seats to the Brisbane parliament, the next redistribution will do much the same.

‘The political status quo condemns Central and North Queensland to constant struggle to secure growth and opportunities for its residents.’  

Boot Brisbane’s proposed petition is for a referendum for the residents of Central and North Queensland to vote on forming a new united state. 

According to Boot Brisbane’s website, the advancement of Central and Northern Queensland and the prosperity of residents ‘shall be better served by a parliament of their own’. 

‘The purpose of the Boot Brisbane campaign is a petition to secure for the residents of Central and North Queensland a referendum to vote YES or NO on the proposition of forming a New State of the Commonwealth of Australia,’ it reads.

Katter’s Australian Party, led by Bob Katter, has thrown its support behind the proposal of a separated state. 

‘For too long, North Queensland has been treated as South East Queensland’s poor cousin,’ the KAP website reads.

KAP believes creating a separate state is the only way to unlock North Queensland’s ‘massive potential’.  

The first NQEXIT public meeting will be held on October 31 in Charters Towers, south of Townsville.  




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