Grumpy puss pounces on its owner and claws her face every time she bursts into song 


A moody cat hates its owner’s singing so much that it keeps pouncing on her face and clawing at her.

A hilarious montage shows Helen, the grumpy puss, repeatedly attacking Liz Kronyak when she breaks into song.  

The 29-year-old, from Secaucus, New Jersey, loves to sing around her apartment but her two-year-old Tuxedo Cat is certainly not a fan.

Even Ms Kronyak’s rendition of the beloved Friends song ‘Smelly Cat’ sung by character Phoebe fails to impress Helen.

Every time she starts singing, her cat jumps into her face in a fit of anger and annoyance.

Ms Kronyak said she is yet to find a song that Helen doesn’t detest. 

She said: ‘When I start singing it grabs Helen’s attention. Sometimes she goes in for the attack immediately, while other times she slowly creeps up on me.

‘It took a few occurrences before I put two-and-two together, but eventually I realised that it was my singing which set her off. Helen loves to hate more upbeat and high-pitched songs.

‘Helen is not declawed, she has all 18 of her claws. But she is not trying to inflict bodily harm on me, although I do get the occasional accidental scratch from time to time.

‘Helen is ball of fun. I know it is just her playful nature coming to the surface, and if she is enjoying herself, that is all I could ever care about. A playful cat is the sign of a happy, healthy, trusting cat.’ 


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