Guess Which Country’s Government Binned its Pandemic Team in 2019?


Not only are we doing the worst at having a pandemic it turns out we were also worst at preparing for a pandemic, with news emerging that the government binned the national threats and contingency committee that would’ve/could’ve made a difference late last year.

We have to blame previous worst prime minister ever Theresa May for part of the decision, though, as it was on her chaotic, Brexit-riddled watch that the Threats, Hazards, Resilience and Contingency Committee was suspended so that, you may be amused to learn, more government resources could be focused on delivering Brexit.

This suspension was made permanent by Johnson when he took over the slack, greasy reins of leadership, and personally abolished the THRCC altogether. An unnamed cabinet minister said it was the remit of this team to initiate early warning panics and to stress test the government’s pandemic response team, and added that it’s Brexit’s fault it went.

The source said: “We were having to spend more time on EU exit strategy and less on everything else. It was felt that if we were going to get our ducks in a row to prepare for the risk of a no-deal scenario we had to slow down on things including THRCC.” [Telegraph]

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