Hapless takeaway brawlers left fighting on floor after slipping on spilled chips


FOOTAGE has emerged of a bizarre brawl at a takeaway shop, showing thugs slipping and sliding on chips while trying to fight each other.

The scrap broke out in front of shocked onlookers at a takeaway in London, and has been widely shared on social media.

Two hapless thugs are seen trying to land blows while fighting on opposite sides of the front door of the shop.

One of the men manages to force himself through the door and the pair then start striking each other.

A woman in the shop throws a handful of food at the two men as they wrestle to the ground.

One of the men then slips on loose chips scattered on the floor of the shop, before picking some up and tossing them at his rival – who then tumbles over himself.

Both brawlers appear to be unsteady on their feet before one lashes out at the person filming the video.

A bystander then exchanges words with one of the men and joins in the fight himself.

All three grab and punch each other as a woman becomes caught up in the chaos.

She falls to the ground and is hit in the head by another woman in the shop.

The three men then leave the shop while still squaring off.

The two women confront each other inside and trade blows before a bystander intervenes.

A video of the fight was shared to Facebook on Sunday, and has been viewed almost 100,000 times.


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