Head to Thorpe Park for free thanks to The Sun’s offer starting in Saturday’s paper


IT’S BEEN a miserable rollercoaster of a year for kids, so to give mine a lift I headed to Thorpe Park – and you can too thanks to The Sun’s fantastic offer of two FREE tickets starting Saturday.

My sons Storm, 13, and Lucky, nine, are keen to do the “Big 5 Challenge”, the park’s scariest rides.

And as they are both taller than the 140cm necessary, it is game on.

Things are a little different in the wake of Covid-19 and first up, we have our temperature taken by staff.

Hand sanitiser is dotted throughout the park, all carriages are cleaned between rides and masks must be worn on them. Organisers have limited visitor numbers to cut queue times, so booking is essential.

First up is Nemesis Inferno, with a G-force similar to what an astronaut experiences on launch. My stomach drops as the floor falls away and we take off. “That was insane,” screams Lucky afterwards.

Next is Colossus, the world’s first ten-looping rollercoaster which loops and corkscrews over and under the park. The boys are jumping for joy at the spectacle but my tummy is doing more flips than the ride.

We move on to Saw, the first ever horror movie-themed ride. A scary soundtrack and creepy surroundings terrify us even before the ride starts.

We head to Swarm. At 127ft tall, it is the UK’s first winged rollercoaster and looks like something out of a sci-fi movie; it’s an awesome experience, the smoothest and most comfortable ride in the park.

Finally we reach Stealth; The UK’s fastest ride goes from 0-80mph in just 1.8 seconds as hydraulic pumps with the same horsepower as two Formula One cars, propel you to the 205ft summit. At just 54 seconds it’s the shortest ride in the park but the thrill stays with you for hours.

“It felt like my skin was going to slide off my face”, cries Storm. “But I loved it!”

You too can take on the “Big 5” challenge thanks to Sun Superdays.

Starting on Saturday, readers can grab two free tickets, worth £100. Just collect seven Sun Savers codes from the 13 we will print, or eight printed tokens, to get your tickets.


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