Headteachers and Parents Don’t Want the Schools to Reopen Yet


One enterprising headteacher has been around his classroom with a tape measure, and has found that his averagely sized room could only house five children if the two metre social distancing rule was to be applied to schools. He has 25 kids in a class, so can’t see a way to reopen for business in any practical form.

The Guardian spoke to Leeds-based headteacher Chris Dyson, who explained what every parent already knows, and said: “The simple fact is it’s impossible to socially distance primary school children,” because maybe they’ll sit still for three or four minutes, but will then need a wee, or a pencil sharpened, to whisper something to someone, or administer a pat on the head to today’s best friend. They’re a bit like cats, and don’t like being spaced out and organised on a grid and won’t stay where you put them.

Matthew Shanks who runs a trust responsible for several schools says he doesn’t think many parents will send their kids back to school soon anyway, not unless the situation changes rapidly for the better. He’s spoken to mums and dads who said: “…they will not be sending their children back to primary, no matter what happens,” and no matter how angry dad just got with the printer because he’s had to print out a load of sodding worksheets about Jesus that arrived in the sort of predictably terrible format educators are made to use. [Guardian]


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