Heartbroken mum sobs as she reveals agony after daughters, 6 and 11, found dead in woods and cops hunt ‘killer’ dad


A HEARTBROKEN mum was left sobbing as she spoke of the agony of her two daughters being found dead in the woods.

Police are still hunting the children’s dad after the two girls vanished while out shopping with him in Quebec, Canada.

Amélie Lemieux wept as she visited a memorial to her two beloved daughters Romy, 6, and Norah 11.

Police discovered their remains following a massive search after they vanished with their dad Martin Carpentier, 44, last Wednesday.

Speaking through tears, Amélie said: “Be my stars in the night who will guide me through this immeasurable pain.

“My two beautiful princesses of love, I wanted and waited for you so much. From your first breath, I loved you unconditionally.

“You are my whole life, my reason for existing. … I love you like crazy. I love you to infinity.”

Amélie was surrounded by friends and family after the girls were found in a wood near near St-Apollinaire on Saturday.

She was attending makeshift memorial in a gazebo in Chutes de la Chaudière park, reports the Montreal Gazette.

The area is now stuffed with teddies, flowers, cards and notes in tribute to the girls, and Amélie thanked the public for their support.

Detectives are still hunting Carpentier who is wanted in connection with his daughter’s deaths.

Cops have said he and his daughters had been in a car crash in Quebec City, Canada, before their disappearance.

Police have said they have found “pertinent elements” on Sunday that have led them to think Carpentier could still be in the area.

Sgt. Ann Mathieu said: “We can’t rule out the fact that he could be dead.

“But also, he’s a suspect in our case, so it’s important for us to find Martin Carpentier, because the key to this event is Martin Carpentier.”

Autopsies of the two girls have been completed, but police have declined to reveal details until the missing dad is found.

Police had initially discovered Mr Carpentier’s car empty after it was involved in a crash and left abandoned on Highway 20.

The car was was heading east when it skidded, flipped over and landed on the opposite shoulder.

Police have warned if Mr Carpentier is still alive they “don’t know exactly what state of mind” he’s in.

They added: “We ask people not to take any chances. So if they have any information or if they see him, just call 911 and we will take charge of the situation.”

An amber alert first went out on Thursday in St-Apollinaire before being revoked on Saturday afternoon when the police found the bodies.

Mr Carpentier’s girlfriend, Cathy Gingras, had also put out an emotional plea to find him and the girls before the bodies were found.

Quebec premier François Legault has called the girls’ deaths a “national tragedy” and said it had shocked the whole province.

He urged anyone who sees family members struggling to get them help.

Mr Leagault said: “You have to do something when you see that you’re in trouble before doing something terrible.”

Carpentier was last seen wearing a grey T-shirt and jeans, and he is described as being 5tft 10in and weighing 130lbs.


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