Heathrow is Rolling out Temperature Checks as Part of a New Trial at the Airport


Heathrow is introducing a new temperature check in Terminal 2 that will screen arrivals for elevated temperatures.

The airport has thrown up a bunch of signage in the area so that passengers are aware they’re being scanned en masse, but it’s not clear what the procedure is if anyone is spotted who’s particularly toasty. What we do know is that the data will be shared with the government, which is always something you want to hear. Heathrow isn’t the only airport to implement measures to keep an eye on travellers; Frankfurt, and Amsterdam Schiphol have installed vending machines that dispense face masks, and some international airports are doing pre-flight temperature checks. In France, for example, passengers will be unable to board flights if they have a temperature in excess of 38 degrees Celsius.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye has called for a Common International Standard for health screening must be agreed by the global authorities,” because having every country follow the same regulations will be less confusing for travellers, as well as offering some measure of consistency within the global community:

“When we went into this crisis, every country had its own set of measures and Public Health England do have screens they adopt when people arrive into this country, but this mismatch of methods really confuses the travelling public, they are worried they have been screened in one country and not in another because they can’t see all the screens.”

It’s no secret that the Heathrow boss wants air travel to start picking up again; earlier this week he was calling for flights between “low-risk” countries combined with “immunity passports” as a way to get the industry back up and running. With people champing at the bit to get back to normal again, with no regard for social distancing, I imagine they’ll be baying for a summer holiday next so it won’t be too long before the general public is demanding to be able to leave the country. [CGTN]

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