Here’s A Closer Look At The Xbox One X


Want to see exactly what the Xbox One X looks like — not just a render? We got some hands-on time with the new console, and it’s pretty sexy.

The Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox yet, but it’s instantly recognisable to anyone that’s seen the original One or the newer One S — with maybe a touch of the PS3’s overbite. Even the controller is identical to the last generation, although it’s apparently finished in a very slightly lighter shade of black — but all the internals are exactly the same.

What pictures can’t convey is the sense of solidity that the Xbox One X has when you pick it up and feel it in your hand. It might be small, but it’s dense. And it’s got a few cool design quirks, too — a little “Hello from Seattle” laser-cut into its shell, for example. It feels like a device that’ll last a long time, actually more so than the One S that I have at home.

There are no surprises here, to be honest. Everything is laid out identically to the less powerful Xbox One S; that’s something Xbox head honcho Mike Ybarra called out as an intentional move to keep consistency for anyone that might want to upgrade between one and the other.

Around the back, there’s that same HDMI video output, HDMI input (which is handy for another device like a Chromecast, if you’re short on inputs on your TV), two USB 3.0 ports, an infrared repeater, S/PDIF optical digital audio output, and gigabit Ethernet wired networking port. Oh, and power — the One X keeps that integrated power supply which means no clunky external power brick.

Even the bottom of the console is finished in an intricate cross-hatched texture — with an Xbox logo for good measure. There are four tiny feet that give it a bit of extra airflow, but you can also stand the console on its end and have it displayed vertically. Because it has an asymmetrical design, though, you’ll only be able to orient it with the Blu-ray drive up top.

Gizmodo travelled to E3 as a guest of Xbox.

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