High-rolling hunters fork out £2,000 to blast terrified pigs from helicopters with machine guns for two hours


HIGH-rollers are paying thousands to blast terrified pigs from helicopters with machine guns.

The airborne slaughter lasts for two hours and includes unlimited ammunition.

Hunters can pick from an array of weapons including shotguns or assault rifles.

On average they chalk up around two dozen kills each but some have wiped out 50 hogs at a time.

Hunts, on giant US ranches, cost £2,000 with VIP packages up to £4,000 a pop.

HeliBacon, based in Bryan, Texas, boasts on its website: “Do you want to buzz droves of hogs 15ft off the ground at highway speeds? All you need is a hunting licence and trigger finger!”

There are thought to be around four million wild hogs in Texas.

The Texas Hog Depredation Act, passed last year, allows them to be hunted.

HeliBacon says: “These wild pigs have been ruled a threat to the environment, and we invite you to take part in preserving our beautiful state.

“HeliBacon helps landowners, farmers, and ranchers control the damage done by these destructive creatures. Aerial depredation of feral hogs is necessary, effective, fun, memorable and safe.”

A spokesman for the UK-based Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting pressure group said: “It’s a pretty abhorrent activity that seems to appeal to those with a sense of misplaced machismo.

“It also chimes with the worst parts of human nature, the killing of animals for fun.”

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