Hilarious moment pooch doggedly ignores nearby driver as it sits in car passenger seat like a human


This is the moment one determined dog was caught refusing to give in to a nearby driver and continued to ignore him. 

The hilarious pooch was filmed in a Walmart parking lot in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada.

Footage shows the cheeky dog sitting like a human in the passenger seat of a car while staring straight ahead. 

He flicks his eyes to the right and notices the person filming him but pretends he doesn’t and instantly snaps his eyes back to the front. 

The recorder can be heard saying, ‘What’s up!’ before the dog turns his head ever so slightly. 

He instantly turns back to the front of the car until the person filming says: ‘I can see you.’

Staying stubborn, the dog keeps his eyes fixed ahead of him and carries on pretending to ignore the driver.

The recorder said: ‘I went to Walmart and parked in an empty slot. When I turned to my left and I saw this dog pretending to not notice me. 

‘I even call out to him. Nope. Good dog!’ 


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