Hive Smart Home Products Now Support Apple Homekit


After aiming to roll out support for HomeKit last year, Hive has finally got around to implementing it on a few select products in its smart home range.

Early last year, Hive was working towards what it thought was an “achievable goal” of HomeKit integration, but ended up hitting “several technical challenges along the way” that delayed things somewhat. At the end of 2019, a member of the product team said HomeKit support was in its final stages and was waiting on Apple, and now, five months later, it’s here at last.

It’s not as straightforward as all of your devices working with Apple’s Home app unfortunately, but it’s better than the nothing you had before, right? In its FAQ on how to start using HomeKit with its products, Hive lists the compatible devices as:

You can control all three by asking Siri. There are some other limitations at play, like HomeKit not supporting Active Heating’s boost feature, although you can set up a ‘boost’ command with Siri Shortcuts. Other features that can’t be controlled with HomeKit include:

Hive also states that “you can’t control your hot water with Apple HomeKit, even if your Hive Active Heating can do this. It also doesn’t currently work with Hive Radiator Valves, or Hive’s Wired Thermostat (SLT5).” You’ll also need the company’s newest Hive Hub or Hub 360 as HomeKit isn’t compatible with the older models. [via 9to5Mac]


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