Home to white Mongolian horses in north China doubles stock


HOHHOT, July 11 (Xinhua) — West Ujimqin, a county-level banner known as home to white Mongolian horses in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has doubled the number of the breed to over 6,000 in the past years.

The number of Mongolian horses has exceeded 40,000, including more than 6,400 white ones, according to the banner’s government.

The Mongolian horse, with mainly red, black and chestnut in color, is one of the oldest horse species in the world. White ones, which are rare, are considered noble and prestigious.

The West Ujimqin Banner was entitled “home to Chinese white horses” by the China Horse Industry Association in 2012 when there were 3,157 such horses in the banner.

A white horse breeding center was established in 2016 mainly for introducing, selecting, promoting and breeding stallions. The stallions, as well as mares, were provided to local households for herding and breeding, contributing to an increase of the breed number in recent years, according to the banner’s government. Enditem


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