Hong Kong reports 3 new COVID-19 cases


HONG KONG, May 7 (Xinhua) — Hong Kong’s Center for Health Protection (CHP) reported three confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Friday, taking the total tally to 11,801.

Of the new cases, two were locally transmitted, including one with an unknown origin, and the remaining one was imported from overseas, the CHP said at a press briefing.

While daily new cases remained at a low level, infections involving the N501Y mutant strain were reported repeatedly in Hong Kong over recent days, leading to strengthened efforts by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to prevent the spread of the highly transmissible variant.

At another press conference on Friday, Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan said the authorities have ascertained transmission chains of the N501Y cases and there has been no mass outbreak in communities.

Hong Kong has reported eight cases involving the mutant strain in a recent cluster of infections.

Chan also said that vaccination is one of the most effective anti-epidemic measures and called on residents to get vaccinated.

About 1.62 million vaccine doses have been administered in Hong Kong under a government program starting Feb. 26, with some 602,800 people fully vaccinated. Enditem


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