How ‘healthy’ foods can have more calories than fatty burgers, chocolate and McDonald’s meals


While most people have been taught that fruit and vegetables are ‘good’ and takeaway options like burgers and chips are ‘bad’, this may not be the truth.

Body transformation experts Equalution have showcased some of the most popular ‘healthy’ snacks and meals – like wraps and raw desserts – that have a higher calorie intake than their unhealthy alternatives.

One of the most surprising was a comparison of Oporto’s Chicken Rappa, which is 550 calories (2,300 kilojoules), with their Single Fillet Bondi Burger, which is significantly less at 300 calories (1,255 kilojoules). 

‘The calorie intake is almost half when comparing the burger to the wrap, proving that assumptions of healthier, lighter choices and negatively labelling foods like burgers is completely unnecessary,’ Equalution captioned their photo on Instagram.

‘When dieting, what you don’t need to do is restrict yourself from enjoying your favourite dine out meals on occasion – just exercise moderation.’

In a similar vein, a raw caramel slice, which is 457 calories (1,912 kilojoules), was heavier than a large Caramello Koala, which sits at 175 calories (732 kilojoules).

‘Some people select the food they eat based on a perception of healthy or unhealthy with little regard for caloric value,’ they said.

‘A good example of this is the new found craze of refined sugar free ‘treats’ – that are usually a spin off of our favourite sweets. 

‘Eating for health and your goals is a two part system in that quality and quantity go hand in hand. 

‘What you eat and how much is important! The art of weight loss will always boil down to calories in vs calories out so you can over eat in “nutrient dense foods” just as you can over eat in junk food.’

Incredibly 100g of cashews has six times the calories of 300g of strawberries, so it’s important to note energy intake when you’re trying to watch your weight.

For example, you can eat a McDonald’s Bacon and Egg McMuffin and a hash brown for 450 calories (1,882 kilojoules) over an acai bowl – which contains banana, strawberries and granola – at 670 calories (2,803 kilojoules).

While it’s important to track the calories for optimal health, the micronutrients within each meal will vary.  

The ‘healthier’ option might be high in sugar but the ‘unhealthy’ version might be high in fat and sodium. 


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