‘How old are you?’ – Furious row as leftie Corbynista Ash Sarkar SHUT DOWN in heated clash


A FURIOUS spat erupted on the Jeremy Vine show on Monday morning as leftie Corbynista Ash Sarkar was shut down by broadcaster Nina Myskow.

Ms Sarkar, a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, clashed with Ms Myskow over the role grassroots Labour movement Momentum played in the party’s general election defeat. Ms Myskow claimed the “influence of Momentum” had been a “disaster” for Labour. But Ms Sarkar didn’t agree, sparking a lively clash between the two journalists.  

Ms Myskow said: “Quite frankly the influence of Momentum on the very left, of which Corbyn is the star, has been a disaster frankly. 

“The influence has been that they have hardened on the left instead of going towards something that the average person can relate to.

“Rather than this really, really hardcore left.”

Ms Sarkar replied: “So what is Momentum’s ideology?

“There is a problem there.”

The two panellists then descended into a row with host Jeremy Vine forced to intervene. 

But the fiery guests continued to shout over each other.

Ms Myskow scolded Ms Sarkar as she raged: “You have interrupted me! You have interrupted me!

“I did not interrupt you.”

Ms Sarkar hit back: “Because you are wrong!”

But Ms Myskow wasn’t having any of it. 

She said: “Excuse me!? This is not going to kick off. I am just going to say to this young lady: how old are you?”

The Corbyn supporter replied that she was 27.

Ms Myskow fired back: “You will learn as you go through life, those other people that think differently from you are not wrong.

“They just have different views from you!”

But Ms Sarkar replied: “You didn’t know what Momentum’s ideology was.”

And Ms Myskow said: “You just gave a very detailed analysis from the inside of politics.

“The people who vote are not politicians. I do not need to know what Momentum does to know that Momentum is on the very left of our politics. 

“Whereas I know the ERG group are on the right.”


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