Hundreds celebrate on the streets: Cuomo threatens New Yorkers with a new Lockdown


The fight against the Coronavirus is not in the United States is still far from over. Nevertheless, the people break außgerechnet in the of the pandemic in hard-hit city of New York to hold the pads: Instead of the distance, celebrate parties.

Because many New Yorkers at the weekend were in spite of the Corona-restrictions in large groups in Bars and on the street celebrating, Governor Andrew Cuomo infuriated with the return to strict Corona pads threatened. His office did not receive the 25,000 complaints about violations of the rules for the re-opening of the shops, said Cuomo. Many New Yorkers had flocked to the Sunny weekend outside.

“Many of the violations of the distance requirement, parties in the street, Restaurants and Bars note laws,” wrote Cuomo on Twitter. “The law will enforce, or the state will act,” he warned local authorities.

The Corona-pandemic for weeks particularly hard-hit metropolis of New York is located in Phase one of a four-stage easing plan from Cuomo. Restaurants and Bars must offer food and drinks to Take away, not outside Seating but the. The Corona restrictions currently also a ban on gatherings of more than ten people. Also the Drinking of alcohol in public places is prohibited.

The Governor released a Video showing hundreds of people were, the Friday evening in a street in Manhattan celebrated. Cuomo wrote this: “take me to get there.”

The effects of a Coronavirus infection have died in the state of New York so far, nearly 31,000 people, as Figures of the Johns Hopkins University shows. At the peak of the crisis in April, almost 800 people died every day.



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