Hundreds of mourners give condolences to the families of four children killed in Oatlands tragedy 


Hundreds of mourners have attended a memorial service for the four children hit and killed by an alleged drink-driver while on their way to buy ice cream.  

Abdallah siblings Sienna, 8, Angelina, 12, and Antony, 13, died at the scene in Oatlands, Sydney’s north-west, on Saturday night alongside their 11-year-old cousin Veronique Sakr.

Samuel William Davidson, 29, was allegedly three times the legal blood alcohol limit when he drove into the group of seven children.  

A funeral for the Abdallah siblings will be held at the Our Lady of Lebanon Co-Cathedral in Harris Park on Monday morning. 

Devastated family and friends packed into that same church on Friday evening to pay their respects to the Abdallah and Sakr family. 

David Mannah, a cousin of Danny Abdallah – father of Sienna, Angelina and Antony – said his family were ‘running out of tears’. 

‘I have never heard of a family losing three children in this manner,’ Mr Mannah told the Daily Telegraph. 

‘All of those emotions just hit you every morning. Danny and Leila wake up without their three children.

‘They are obsessed with their children’. 

Mourners were photographed lining the stairs as they waited to pay their respects following the devastating loss of lives.

NSW Opposition Leader Jodi McKay was among the hundreds of attendees at the condolences, which were held from 6 to 9pm. 

The guests, who were typically dressed in dark shades for the service, found comfort by greeting each other with hugs and kisses.

Hundreds of people have already visited the crash site to pay their respects and lay flowers for the children.    

One of grieving dad Danny Abdallah’s lasting memories of his two girls killed in the Oatlands tragedy is a father and daughter camping trip he shared with them last winter.

Mr Abdallah took Angelina, Sienna and their surviving sister Leanna, 10, on a weekend away to regional New South Wales in July last year.

Now, the memories of that happy holiday are getting him through the grief of losing three children.  

Videos from the weekend away show the three girls smiling and giggling as they ride motorbikes, take photos of unique Australian wildlife and watch movies by a roaring fire. 

Mr Abdallah shared the photos with Daily Mail Australia and said it was these memories that were helping him though his pain. 

‘They are really special memories of when I took them up to the farm last year. Just me and my girls,’ he said.

‘They loved being outdoors and you can see that from the videos and see what great kids they were’.  

Sienna – the youngest victim of Saturday night’s horror accident – can be seen riding a child’s motorbike for the first time.

‘That’s it, that’s how you do it! You’re going awesome,’ Mr Abdallah tells his daughter encouragingly. 

In another the trio can be seen riding around in karts, before also being driven along while sitting in the scoop of a small bulldozer.  

Leanna suffered minor physical injuries when alleged drunk driver Samuel William Davidson, 29, lost control of his Mistubishi 4WD and mounted the kerb and hit the group. 

She has been released from hospital, but her mother Leila said she has not been sleeping. 

‘Leanna feels miserable. She was crying all last night because she lost three of her siblings. From walking with two siblings, now she’s going to be walking alone, Mrs Abdallah said.

Mr and Mrs Abdallah have made daily trips to the scene of the accident, where a shrine continues to grow in memory of all seven children who were caught up in the shocking event.

Less than 12 hours after the accident Mr Abdallah smiled as he told media about his two girls and basketball-loving son Antony. 

He has since said he hopes if anything good is to come out of the accident, it is that parents ‘cherish’ every moment with their children. 

‘If people are tired and fatigued they will go to work and work those extra hours, but they won’t play with their kids, they’ll say: ”Oh I’m too tired”,’ Mr Abdallah said.

‘All I ask through this is that fathers be fathers, and mothers be mothers.’  

The grief-stricken couple admit the tragedy has taken an enormous toll on them, but say they are comforted by the enormous support from across Australia. 

‘Look, I’ll never be able to get my kids back, but I can find peace in my heart (seeing) the impact my children have given to the world in unifying people globally,’ he said.

‘The hurt is always there, but you find a sense of peace (knowing) that people are out there thinking of their families, (or that) people are making peace with other people.’  

A day after the Abdallah siblings are farewelled, a service for their cousin Veronique is set to be held at the chapel of Santa Sabina College where she was in Year 6.

Charbel Kassas, 11, another relative of the Abdallah and Sakr families, is still fighting for life in Westmead Children’s Hospital. 

His sister Mabelle, 12, who was also part of the group was released from hospital on Tuesday. 

Their parents Assaad and Rania Kassas have kept a bedside vigil willing their son to pull through.

‘Mabelle is OK, she’s been released from hospital,’ he said.

‘(But) Charbel is still in a coma. We’ve prayed to God to help us and we hope he will help us.’ 

Mourners continued to visit the scene of the accident on Thursday, where thousands of bouquets of flowers and religious ornaments line the Bettington Road footpath.

Davidson, who has been charged with 20 offences, had been drinking for 13 hours before the accident, police will allege.

He has been refused bail and will face court again in April. 


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