Illegal immigrants pass their children UNDER the border wall


A shocking video released by the US government shows immigration officials watching as migrants hand children under the border wall. 

In the clip, tweeted by the White House on Tuesday this week, Customs and Border Protection agents in Yuma, Arizona can be seen waiting for migrants to crawl under the wall. 

Officials said 38 migrants were arrested in the incident after tunneling under an old section of the barrier.

Footage shows people frantically scrambling through a slender gap under the wall as someone on the other side attempts to dig out sand with a shovel. 

Youngsters and adults can be seen being dragged through the gap before being taken into custody by US officials.

Families of migrants were then lined up and arrested on the US side of the wall by agents. 

The group seemed determined to cross into US territory on Tuesday despite border agents shining a flashlight on them throughout the operation.  

The official White House Twitter account tweeted a video of the incident alongside the caption: ‘On Tuesday, June 4, a group of 38 illegal aliens made entry under old border wall and were apprehended by Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents.’ 

It comes just 24 hours after immigration activist Brian Kolfage posted a video claiming to show 1,000 illegal immigrants flooding over the border in Sunland Park, New  Mexico.

In the video, immigrants saunter around the end of where the barrier ends, in another migrants sprint across the border and in one an armed cartel members can be seen casually walking migrants into the U.S. 

U.S. border officers detained more than 132,000 people crossing from Mexico in May, the highest level since 2006. 

Trump threatened to keep raising import duties on Mexican goods up to 25 per cent unless Mexico acted to stem what he has called an ‘invasion.’


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