In a documentary set to be released in 2020, Mallory Beach’s parents reveal the terrifying moment they realized she was dead.


In a documentary set to be released in 2020, Mallory Beach’s parents reveal the terrifying moment they ‘knew’ she was dead.

In a 2020 special that aired on Friday, MALLORY Beach’s parents revealed the terrifying moment they learned their daughter was dead.

Mallory’s parents described the heartbreaking moment when their daughter’s body was discovered, just a week after she vanished in a boating accident, in the 2020 special episode The Fall of the House of Murdaugh.

After Mallory Beach fell from the Murdaugh family’s boat in February 2019, the search for her lasted a week.

The Department of Natural Resources, the Coast Guard, volunteers, and anyone with a boat all assisted in the search for Mallory, according to Michael DeWitt Jr, managing editor of the Hampton County Guardian.

Mallory’s father, Phillip Beach, said, “We prayed for seven days for that closure.”

“We went to church on the eighth day, which was Sunday.”

Renee and Phillip Beach were driving home from church on March 3, 2019, when they came to a halt at the boat landing, where they had gone every day since their daughter vanished.

A group of people stood there, including a man wearing a “CORONER” shirt on the back.

Philip stated, “We knew.”

The 911 call made when Mallory’s body was discovered was also revealed in the 2020 special.

The remains were discovered in the creek by two fishermen who were part of the volunteer search team.

The operator on the other end of the line inquired about the nature of the emergency.

“We believe we’ve located her,” said the somber reply.

Paul Murdaugh has pleaded not guilty to multiple felony charges in the death of Mallory Beach.

According to police, the passengers on the boat were “grossly intoxicated,” despite the fact that they were all under the age of legal drinking age.

Because of Paul’s family’s ties to the legal system, questions have been raised about whether the teen’s death was properly investigated.

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