In a single year, the Glasgow food bank serves over a million meals.


In a single year, the Glasgow food bank serves over a million meals.

Since its launch in December 2020, the Ruchazie Food Pantry, which is part of the Scottish Pantry Network, has assisted in the delivery of over 1.1 million meals across Glasgow and the west.

The Scottish Pantry Network, which has delivered over 1.1 million meals across Glasgow and the west, has benefited approximately 5000 people.

Since its inception in December 2020, the organization has assisted in the reduction of approximately 455 tonnes of food waste while also allowing people to eat more healthily at a reasonable cost.

The network’s Ruchazie Food Pantry, which was founded by local councillor Mandy Morgan, opened its doors in September 2020.

It has found the model-based membership system to be successful since then, assisting 350 to 400 people each week.

The pantry collaborates with FareShare, a nonprofit that donates food that would otherwise be thrown away and end up in landfills.

Shoppers will receive between £10-15 worth of quality food for a £2.50 membership fee, and households can purchase multiple memberships to have more choice, flexibility, and access to the pantry’s food and non-food products.

There are currently seven pantries in Glasgow, with more in South Ayrshire, Inverclyde, and Renfrewshire in the works.

“I think the pantry has done an amazing job,” Councillor Mandy Morgan, founder of the Pantry Network, said.

Ruchazie has sold approximately 70 tonnes of food this year, with 350 to 400 people using the pantry each week.

“The majority of our customers are from Ruchazie, but we have had positive feedback from customers from Bridgeton and Springburn.”

“The pantry network has also grown, and we now have a policy officer and a development officer.”

The pantry has been described by residents of Ruchazie as a lifeline because the money saved on groceries can be used to buy other necessities for family members.

Others have stated that the store provides excellent value for money, allowing them to spend money on items they would not ordinarily purchase.

“The Ruchazie pantry is more than just food for us; it gives us a sense of belonging through volunteering and attending events, and it’s a wee place with a big heart; it’s amazing,” one young couple said.

“The staff is fantastic and always has a smile on their faces, as do we when we receive all of the extra food goodies.”

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