In some regions of the profusely rain. Forecasters have extended a warning


The alert extends to the southwest of the Vysočina region and Znojmo. Already on Wednesday warned the Czech hydrometeorological institute (CHMI) before the torrential rain in the regions South bohemia, Plzeň and karlovy vary.

Totals can be according to meteorologists, 30 millimeters in six hours, or 50 millimeters per 24 hours. Careful you should be especially drivers. Will the reduced visibility, the water can flow over the road.

Due to the saturation of the soil will be heavy rain to lift the level of flows odvodňujících bohemian forest. In parts of the South bohemian and the Pilsen region is from the night of Thursday declared a flood vigilance. The river can achieve the lowest degree of flood activity, occasionally even of the second degree. According to meteorologists, but would not bail out of the banks. People, however, are to avoid bathing, swimming or driving on a boat.

As of Thursday noon, in the Czech republic may also occasionally occur a severe thunderstorm with torrential rain or hail. A warning against them paying into the night on Friday for the majority of the territory of the CZECH republic. Threatening flooding of small streams, the water can flood the subways, underpasses or basements. “Wind gusts can break branches of trees. Dangers can also pose a hail and lightning,” said the Czech HYDROMETEOROLOGICAL institute.

Thunderstorms and torrential rain hit the Czech republic and about last weekend. Rain increased levels of a number of rivers and streams, the fire brigade for both days went to more than 1,350 cases. Pump water from houses, basements, garages, bagged the fallen trees and vyprošťovali car. The most affected were the central Bohemia, the Pardubice region and the Vysocina region.

Sunday flooding in the Pardubice region and in the tachov district

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