In the aftermath of Friday’s arraignments, two young sisters who died of starvation are remembered.


In the wake of Friday’s arraignments, two young sisters who died of starvation are remembered.

WILLIAMSPORT – Following the arraignment of two women charged with the crime on Friday, the two young sisters who were starved to death and buried in shallow graves were remembered.

Nicole Elizabeth Snyder died in 2016 at the age of six, according to evidence obtained through interviews, and her younger sister, Jasmine Jean, died a year later at the age of four, according to arrest affidavits.

They were allegedly starved and physically abused on purpose, according to criminal charges.

Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan C Gardner described the two young girls as “like little dolls.”

He described them as “beautiful little girls” despite only knowing them through photographs.

Robert Snyder, their grandfather, depicted them as typical kids who liked to do things like chalk the sidewalk.

He stated, “I never had a problem with them.”

Jasmine enjoyed spending time with him on the computer watching videos of children’s songs, he said.

Nicole reached inside the pumpkin, grabbed a handful of seeds, and ran around threatening to touch people with them, he recalled.

Because their mother, Marie Sue Snyder, had obtained several protection-from-abuse orders against Joshua Snyder, her husband, and their father, he and other family members hadn’t seen them since 2016.

Robert Snyder said she offered to give the girls to his son in exchange for him relinquishing parental rights to Jesse, the third child.

In a previous interview, he stated that he had spent years fantasizing about their lives and what they did on their birthdays and at school.

The girls’ bodies were discovered in shallow graves behind a trailer home in Hepburn Twp., north of Williamsport, in early November.

Marie Snyder, 32, and her partner Echo Lane Butler, 26, were charged with an open count of homicide on Friday, and if convicted, they could face the death penalty.

Michele L Butler, Butler’s mother, is charged with third-degree murder.

In the meantime, all three are being held without bail pending a February court appearance.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 22.

Their grandfather Robert Snyder took this photo of Jasmine and Nicole Snyder in the spring or summer of 2015.

As a result of this, arrests have been made…

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