In the Face of the green wave, the “front anti-green” LRM and LR


Haro on the green ! Faced with the emergence of lists of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) in the first round of municipal elections, their opponents will play the union to prevent the party from winning several large cities on the 28th of June, the date of the second round.

Enemies on the national scene, The Republic in motion (LRM) and The Republicans (LR) have forged numerous alliances to block the road to the left in general and ecologists in particular. “We are witnessing a mutation of the cleavage left-right around a new cleavage with LRM and LR, on one side, and the other, the left, with the environmentalists in the head “, analysis the deputy director general of the polling institute IFOP, Frédéric Dabi.

Has Strabourg, the walker Alain Fontanel and the elected officer LR Jean-Philippe Vetter merged their lists. The same scenario happened in Bordeaux, where the pretender LRM Thomas Cazenave has agreed with the mayor LR outbound Nicolas Florian.

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For the presidential party and the first opposition, not let it threaten by the enemy flying the green flag. Particularly iconic, the pact forged in Lyon, between Gérard Collomb and relatives of Laurent Wauquiez, to counteract the thrust of the environmentalists arrived in head to the town hall and the metropolis for the first turn, casts a harsh light on this new paradigm.

Scare the electorate conservative

In the period between the two rounds, several candidates and political leaders that the authors of these couplers unpublished, have attempted to discredit the candidate EELV. Has the hear, a color would hide another, and behind the Green, this would be rather the ” red ” that should be feared. In Toulouse, the outgoing mayor LR, Jean-Luc Moudenc, supported by LRM, who is facing an alliance of the lists of the left, do not go there by four paths. After the first round, he accused the list Archipelago citizen (EELV-BIA), his opponent in the second, to move forward “hidden “, hide “professionals of disorder and disobedience. Behind a showcase friendly cloak of the dark forces, the red vests of the Saturday, the mélenchonistes, the ultraleft “, he said on 3 June.

The main angle of attack is to present environmentalists as hostile to economic development, and supposedly incapable of managing the finances of a municipality

“The problem is that, often, the lists EELV are not only the ecology. They are also allied to BIA, to the PCF or to Extinction, Rebellion. Of the movements with which it has nothing to see ! “, slice a minister.

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