In the ‘worst case scenario,’ a Glasgow woman was repeatedly stabbed with a Mad Dog bottle.


In the ‘worst case’ of attempted murder, a Glasgow woman was repeatedly stabbed with a Mad Dog bottle.

Gary Main pinned his terrified victim to the ground and repeatedly smashed and stabbed her with the bottle, nearly blinding her in one eye in an attack that shocked even the most hardened cops.

After being released from prison for assaulting his girlfriend, a thug attempted to murder her.

Today, a judge said Gary Main’s attack on Stephanie McKenzie was one of the worst cases of attempted murder she had ever seen.

After showing up at Stephanie’s flat in Glasgow’s Provanmill last July 19, the 29-year-old repeatedly struck and stabbed her with a broken Mad Dog 2020 bottle.

The terrified victim, who sustained a number of injuries, is in danger of losing her right eye as a result of her ordeal.

At Glasgow’s High Court, Main was given a nine-year and four-month sentence.

He had previously pleaded guilty to attempted murder and putting a police officer in danger after being called to the bloodbath.

Prosecutor Bill McVicar described how Main was sentenced to six months in prison in August 2020 for assaulting Stephanie, who was 28 years old at the time.

He was sentenced to nearly two years in prison for more violence that did not involve her two months later.

However, on May 21 of last year, he was back on the streets.

On July 17, Main returned to Stephanie’s house and stayed there for two nights.

He left, then texted later to say he’d taken drugs that “blew his head off.”

Main then went back to Stephanie’s flat, still buzzed and clutching the bottle of Mad Dog.

“He became paranoid, asking her to close her windows, questioning whether she was up to something, and demanding to see her phone,” Mr McVicar said.

He was eventually asked to leave by the woman, who stated that she was “tired of him.”

Main stormed into her room, sat on top of her, and smacked her with the alcohol bottle repeatedly as she lay in her bed.

One of the blows fractured her skull, according to the court.

Main continued to attack Stephanie as she desperately tried to defend herself.

She slid off the bed at one point before hearing the bottle smashed and Main grabbing her in a choke hold.

“He repeatedly stabbed,” Mr McVicar said.

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