In Wisconsin, an SUV plows into a Christmas parade, injuring multiple people.


In Wisconsin, an SUV plows into a Christmas parade, injuring multiple people.


According to the city’s mayor and witnesses, an SUV sped into a Christmas parade in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha on Sunday, injuring multiple people.

Waukesha police, about 20 miles west of Milwaukee, advised residents to avoid the downtown area.

A red SUV broke through barriers and speeded into the roadway where the parade was taking place, according to a live video feed from the city of Waukesha as well as videos taken by parade attendees.

It’s unclear how many people were hurt, and police said they couldn’t say how many people were hurt right away.

According to WITI in Milwaukee, Mayor Shawn Reilly believes there is no immediate danger to the public.

In one video, the SUV appears to hit members of a marching band and several others along the parade route before continuing on.

Screams replace the sound of the marching band heard before the SUV arrives.

The Associated Press reported that Angelito Tenorio, a West Allis alderman who is running for Wisconsin state treasurer, was watching the parade with his family when they saw the SUV speeding into the area.

“Then there was a loud bang,” Tenorio explained.

“And then we just heard deafening screams and cries from the crowd, from the paradegoers.”

People began to flee, tears streaming down their faces as they cried.”

Tenorio said he saw about ten people on the ground, both children and adults, who appeared to have been hit by the vehicle.

He remarked, “It just happened so quickly.”

“It was quite frightening.”

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