Incredible image show animal escaping the clutches of two hungry lionesses


It was an ambush – and there could surely only be one result…

Few would have bet on this wildebeest’s chances of survival when, as the first of these incredible pictures show, he stumbled into the path of two hungry lionesses.

But the lion-sized ‘lunch’ had other ideas.

In picture two, just as the killer beasts are about to pounce, the wildebeest beats them to it and launches himself at them.

Picture three shows the animal flying over the lionesses’ heads as one of them claws up at him with a huge paw. 

But the wildebeest has a formidable weapon of his own – a massive kick – and as he lashes out a rear hoof, in picture four, it catches the unfortunate hunter square in the face, no doubt denting her pride.

In picture five the brave wildebeest escapes across the river as the lionesses head off to hunt down another meal.

The astonishing photographs were shot by Bonga Njujula, head guide at Rhino Post Safari Lodge at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.



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