Innocent family accused of stealing $21 item from Kmart


An innocent family claim they were interrogated by police in their home after Kmart accused them of shoplifting a $21 item.

Bharathi Ranjit Singh said her husband Pradeep Satkunarajan shopped in Brisbane and three weeks later got a knock on the door.

Two police officers were standing outside saying he walked out of the Mt Ommaney store, in the city’s western suburbs, without paying.

‘Surprise and shocked. We quickly apologised and said we didn’t know how that could be possible,’ she said.

Ms Singh recounted how the officers read them a report from Kmart alleging he grabbed the item, scanned his flybys card, and walked to his car.

‘Kmart staff, noticing that, followed him to the car and took a snap photo of the car registration,’ she said the officers told her.

‘Why didn’t the staff or duty manager stop him and verify then?’

Ms Singh said the officers asked to see a receipt, but like many Australians in an increasingly cashless society, they didn’t print one.

After half an hour searching records, the couple found the purchase on their credit card’s transaction history.

‘Thirty minutes had passed and was quite embarrassing having the cops present in front of the house interrogating and was drawing a lot attention,’ she said. 

‘[After we found the transaction] the cops were professional and said that is good enough and we are not in trouble.

‘But I am so mad at Kmart Mt Ommaney management team for messing up my weekend and causing me unnecessary mental stress.

‘Please keep your receipts. If I didn’t have a smartphone with a banking app, the situation wouldn’t have been favourable.’

Kmart apologised in a reply to Ms Singh’s post on Saturday recounting the incident, asking them to get in contact to discuss it.

‘We can understand how disappointing this situation would have been for yourself and your husband, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused,’ it said.


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