Inside claims Ghislaine Maxwell was the owner of one of the most powerful Reddit accounts, despite the fact that her page hasn’t been updated since her arrest.


Inside claims Ghislaine Maxwell was the owner of one of the most powerful Reddit accounts, despite the fact that the page hasn’t been updated since her arrest.

GHISLAIN MAXWELL was found guilty last month of luring teenage girls into sexual abuse by American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

After being found guilty of five of the six counts against her, the British socialite, 60, now faces years in prison.

Aside from the courtroom drama, Maxwell is also the subject of a conspiracy theory that links her to one of Reddit’s most powerful accounts.

Online sleuths have uncovered a number of clues that suggest Ghislaine is the person behind the wildly popular umaxwellhill handle.

The fact that the account, which was once active, has not posted since her arrest on July 2 last year, they claim, is the most telling sign.

For the previous 14 years, umaxwellhill had been one of the most active users on Reddit, posting almost every day.

It reported on the most important news stories from around the world and served as a moderator for articles shared with the site’s millions of daily users.

It also received a million karma points (also known as up votes) and rose to the top of the site’s popularity rankings.

However, the page has not shared any new content since June 30.

There’s no conclusive evidence that Maxwell is behind the account, but online sleuths point to the fact that the page appears to have never shared stories about Jeffrey Epstein.

Despite the fact that it covers major events, this is the case.

Others have pointed out that the account was last active in 2013, around the time Maxwell’s mother passed away.

Like Ghislaine, the user claims to have been born in December and uses English, American, and French spellings.

Maxwell was born in France and has lived in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Headington Hill Hall, where she grew up, has been linked to the Reddit user name, according to investigators.

They also point out that Ghislaine has previously used pseudonyms, citing one of her bank accounts as GMax.

In recent months, the theory had slipped under the radar.

However, it reappeared this week on TikTok, with one user re-sharing the theories.

“It’s still holding up,” she said.

Others said on Reddit last year: “Not confirmed, but research suggests that Ghislaine Maxwell is the operator of umaxwellhill, the Reddit account with the 8th most link karma of all time, powermod of frontpage subs like rworldnews and rtechnology, and the first account to reach a million Karma.”

Thousands of people shared and liked the post.

In 2011, the technology website Gizmodo profiled umaxwellhill, calling it “the Most Successful ManWoman??? on Reddit.”

“Maxwellhill isn’t just trying to be mysterious; heshe is,” they wrote at the time.

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