Insulating Lofts is One Think Tank’s Best Idea for Post-Pandemic Job Creation


One of the key jobs of the near future may be insulating homes, as that has been pinpointed as a way to get people back to work quickly with low start up costs and less in the way of training spend.

This is the brainchild of the Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group, which has some numbers to back up its bizarre theory. It claims that setting someone up to be a home insulation installer costs around £59,000 taking into account training and initial materials; whereas getting someone up to speed as a road builder, for example, requires sinking some £250,000 into teaching them about tarmac, holes, rollers, cone placement, surface cambers and so on.

There would of course be several knock-on effects from mass-insulating our housing stock too, with the warmer homes helping the UK to meet its climate change obligations, freeing up money to be spent in the local economy when people enjoy lower heating bills, and would also improve local air quality when grandma doesn’t have to chain-burn sacks of coal from September to April.

As many as 150,000 jobs in insulation land could be created by 2030, the report says, with author Pedro Guertler explaining: “Really this is a no-brainer. It’s fantastically good value for money – it should have been done years ago. We can hit so many government objectives at the same time. It’s obvious that insulating homes provides very good value – far, far better value for the taxpayer than building roads, for instance.”

What about building fast railway lines and runways? Or should we not go there? [BBC]

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