iOS 14 Camera Features: Everything To Know


Apple is introducing a slew of new features and improvements to the iPhone experience via iOS 14, and some of these come in the form of enhancements to the iPhone camera.

IOS 14 is improving how the iPhone camera works in many aspects. CNet said this is worth noting as Apple doesn’t normally bring updates to the camera and new features usually arrive with new iPhones. The new iOS version, however, seems to break that mold.

Here’s a quick look at the improvements that Apple introduces to the iPhone camera via iOS 14.

Faster Shots

iOS 14 is able to shorten the time between snaps of the iPhone camera. A side-by-side comparison, which can be seen via CNet, shows that iOS 14 allows users to take photos almost twice as fast as iOS 13 does.

This feature, called Prioritize Faster Shooting, is turned on by default in iOS 14. Users will be able to turn it off by going to Settings > Camera > Prioritize Faster Shooting.

Night Mode Guides

The iPhone 11 series’ Night Mode feature was praised by professionals for its ability to capture great shots even in dimly-lit settings. Users, however, needed to keep their iPhones as steady as possible so that the device can capture breathtaking shots. Moving the device while it is still processing will result in disappointing images.

iOS 14 Night Mode wants to help users stabilize their iPhones using two crosshairs that will serve as guides. One yellow and one white crosshair will appear on the screen, and users will simply need to align the two so that Night Mode will be able to create good-looking images.

Exposure Compensation Dial

Users who like to manually adjust image brightness will be glad to know that Apple has added a new exposure compensation dial to the camera app. This will let users know the image’s brightness and exposure levels before taking the shot.

Mirror Selfies

iPhones normally invert photos taken using the selfie camera. With iOS 14, users will be able to mirror selfie images to make them appear like the user is looking at a mirror. The resulting image will be reversed.

This feature can be turned on by going to Settings > Camera, then turning Mirror Front Camera on. This is located under the Composition section.

Burst Mode

Users will now be able to use the Volume Up key to take a burst of photos. Users can enable this function via Settings > Camera > Use Volume Up for Burst.


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