Iran’s police seize over 2.5 tons of illicit drugs


TEHRAN, July 10 (Xinhua) — The Iranian police have seized over 2.5 tons of narcotics in the country’s two provinces, semi-official Fars news reported on Friday.

The Police Commander of southern Kerman province Abodlreza Nazeri said on Thursday that 1,526 kg of opium and hashish were seized in the province.

The police forces clamped down on the smugglers and seized the cargo that was being transferred to Kerman province from the eastern borders, Nazeri was quoted as saying.

In the operation, one smuggler was arrested, he said.

In a similar operation, the police force of Yazd province, central Iran, captured 1,048 kg of opium and hashish.

Police Commander of Yazd Province Abbas Ali Behdani Fard said in the operation, nine smugglers were arrested and handed over to the judiciary.

The report put the time of operation on Wednesday.

Iran has being suffering from drug trafficking given its location at the crossroads of international drug smuggling from Afghanistan, the world’s top opium producer, to Europe.

Over the past few decades, Iran’s eastern and southeastern borders have seen deadly clashes between Iranian security forces and armed drug smugglers. Enditem


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