Is there a Walmart or Kroger ground beef recall?


Is there a Walmart or Kroger ground beef recall?

Hamburgers and spaghetti bolognese, for example, are made with ground beef.

The product was recalled in January 2022, and many people are now curious as to why and how to determine if their meat is affected.

On January 7, 2022, it was announced that over 28,000 pounds of ground beef had been recalled due to the possibility of E coli contamination.

Interstate Meat Dist. is a company that sells meat across state lines.

According to a recall notice posted on the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, Inc., of Clackamas, Oregon, is recalling products manufactured on December 20, 2021, because they may be contaminated with E coli.

According to USA Today, the recalled meat was sold in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming at Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, and WinCo Foods locations.

The USDA has since classified it as a “Class I” recall, which means there’s a “reasonable probability” that using the product will result in serious, adverse health consequences or death.

Those who have purchased the recalled items are advised not to use them and to either discard them or return them to the store where they were purchased.

Interstate Meat Dist., Inc. can provide more information by calling 503-656-6168.

Meats that have been contaminated include:

You can find a list of stores that have sold the tainted meat here.

According to reports, the items were sold at Fred Meyer.

Walmart also recalled approximately 15,000 pounds of beef sticks due to misbranding and undeclared allergens, in addition to the 28,000 pounds of ground beef.

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued a statement saying, “The product contains milk, a known allergen that is not declared on the product label.”

The recall was issued on January 8, 2022, and it applies to beef sticks manufactured between November 15 and November 17, 2021.

Consumers have been advised to either discard the product or return it to the store where they purchased it.

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