It’s our civic duty to support our favourite eateries and save the UK hospitality industry


IT had been 109 days between restaurant meals — and the long wait made the steak even juicier.

The millions like me who went out to support our favourite eateries and pubs yesterday are not covidiots, in fact we are all patriots.

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The health and economic risks of staying in our homes cowering for the rest of time now far outweighs those of socialising while taking responsible precautions.

It’s our civic duty to save the UK hospitality industry.

About three million people rely on it for employment, getting on for ten per cent of the UK workforce.

Being inside at a table certainly felt like a novelty.

Thankfully, the new measures were not too onerous and didn’t take the joy away.

I had to scan a QR code on my phone to provide my details for track and trace (no fibbing about my identity) and those codes were how I got the menus.

The waitress wore a mask and kept her distance. The tables were spaced out, with even more available outside.

The hand sanitiser was flowing and there was a frenzied positivity about being allowed out again.

But the best thing about this lunch was how normal it all felt.

We’re back, Britain!

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