James Bond ‘Watching No Time To Die would be WEIRD if’ what? says Skyfall Spectre director


JAMES BOND director of Skyfall and Spectre Sam Mendes has revealed watching Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die would be weird for him under certain circumstances.

Sam Mendes directed the last two Daniel Craig James Bond movies in Skyfall and Spectre. But what does he make of No Time To Die now the trailer’s out? Well, Express.co.uk asked the filmmaker at the press conference for his latest movie 1917.

Mendes only briefly replied that he thought the No Time To Die trailer looked great.

But now speaking with CinemaBlend, he’s spoken out again, admitting that under certain circumstances it would be weird for him to see the new Bond movie.

Mendes: “Am I going to be able to enjoy it? Absolutely, yeah yeah. No, totally.

“I think doing this movie [1917] – I think if I hadn’t done another movie it would be weird.”

The director continued: “Not that I wanted to do it, but it would seem very odd that there I was.

“But I’d gone so far into another world, you know, and so immersed in it, that to me it just seems like, I can’t wait [for No Time to Die].

“I’ll be there at the premiere. It’s my friends. I’m proud of a lot of them and I cast a lot of them.

“I look at the trailer – there’s Léa Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw – I cast all of them.”

He added: “It’s a little bit like my bunch. So I feel possessive and very supportive of them. So yeah, I’m certainly going to be able to enjoy it.”

Asked if he knew any No Time To Die spoilers, Mendes said: “No, I don’t want to know.

“I want to be completely a virgin when it comes to this movie.”

Meanwhile, visitors to the No Time To Die set teased a very “imaginative” Bond movie.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Bond expert and author of Catching Bullets – Memoirs of a Bond Fan, Mark O’Connell, spoke of his sources who visited the No Time To Die set.

Mark revealed: “A couple of friends visited the set and saw what was going on.

“And the one word they were able to come back with was ‘imaginative’.

“This film is going to be very imaginative.” But in what way?

Well, there’s director Cary Fukunaga who is taking on his first franchise blockbuster.

Mark said: “[Cary] is a child of the ‘80s [and]he’s going to look back at the ’60s.

“But he’s not going to be too reverential of the classic era of Bond in the way that, maybe, [Skyfall and Spectre director Sam] Mendes was. I think he’s going to straddle the old and the new with this one.”


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