Jamie Foxx Shares Shock Over Black Pixar Character, Reflects On Mike Tyson’s Demons In Biopic


Jamie Foxx has a long list of accomplishments that have earned him a variety of prestigious awards including an Oscar and a Grammy. However, all eyes are on the talented actor after he landed major roles in two upcoming films.

Foxx’s role in the animated movie “Soul” marks the first time Pixar has had a Black lead in their films. While the 52-year-old revealed he admired the script because of its message, he had no clue his character would be the first Black lead in a Pixar film.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Foxx admitted he was shocked to know that his character, Joe Gardner, was much more than an aspiring jazz pianist. “You know what was crazy? It is. You know what was crazy? I didn’t know that,” he said.

Along with admiring the movie’s message, Foxx admitted that his 11-year-old daughter, Anelise, teased him after he landed the role. “It talks about the value of getting a second chance,” he said.

Foxx added, “She was like, ‘Dad, you finally made it. You’re in a Pixar film!’ Oh, man! That’s kind of me, in a sense; the potbelly and the skinny legs. My daughter was like, ‘They got you.’”

Foxx’s Pixar news comes amid his preparation for the upcoming Mike Tyson biopic. The actor has been building his muscles to emulate Tyson’s look, but he is also aware that Tyson has had several controversial scandals.

Nonetheless, he insisted that he would do his best to tell the fighter’s story. “Listen, all you can do is tell your story,” Foxx explained.

The actor revealed that the movie will follow Tyson’s life and his marriage to his wife, Kiki, “who saved this man from whatever demons inside and outside of his life.”

Since landing the role Foxx has shared photos on Instagram with fans to keep them updated about his transformation into the famous boxer.


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