Jasper the thieving cat and his rampant crime spree stealing socks and underwear from the neighbours


A sneaky feline has been revealed to be the culprit behind a crime wave after dozens of items mysteriously began disappearing.

Jasper, a one-year-old burmese, was found to be, quiet literally, the cat burglar after his haul of socks, underwear, swimmers, and gloves was discovered by his owner Mette Kristiansen. 

Ms Kristiansen said Jasper’s appetite for thievery was sparked after he would steal socks off the washing line and chew them up at their house in the Christchurch suburb of Sumner.  

Then, just before Christmas, she began to notice other items mysteriously appearing in her hallway that she did not recognise such as baby clothes, socks, underwear, and swimmers. 

‘To be honest it was quite funny, it was amusing.’ Ms Kritiansen told the Otago Daily Times. 

One of her neighbours even caught Jasper red-handed during the cat-napping of one of their socks and snapped picture of the feline making a getaway.   

Now Ms Kritiansen and her daughter Harriet, 6, are attempting to right Jasper’s wrongs by returning the items to their owners that they believe may have been piched from houses as far as two blocks away. 

‘As time has gone on, I’ve realised that I would really like to find the people who own these things,’ Ms Kristiansen said. 

‘These things are not cheap to buy and I’m sure these people want them back.’ 

They posted to the Sumner Community Group Facebook page this week letting their neighbours know to contact them if they are missing any items. 

One person has already claimed a pair of gardening gloves and another person has found their socks and underwear. 

They have also placed Jasper’s ill-gotten treasure in a plastic container inside their gate for their neighbours to look through and reclaim. 



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