Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott relationship: How Corbyn ‘showed’ off naked Abbott to mates


JEREMY CORBYN once used his then girlfriend Diane Abbott’s naked body to impress his left-wing friends, according to a biography about the leader.

Jeremy Corbyn is hoping to become the next Prime Minister, replacing his Tory rival Boris Johnson. Today, polling stations opened across the country as voters had a chance to have their say about how the country should be governed. But a biography about the Labour Party leader has revealed as a young Labour activist he “showed off” a naked Diane Abbott who was in his bed to impress his left-wing friends.

Jeremy Corbyn, 70, is the current MP for Islington North and the leader of the Labour Party.

His interest in politics began at a young age, while he was still at school, when he joined The Wrekin constituency Young Socialists, his local Labour Party and the League Against Cruel Sports.

He officially joined the Labour Party at 16 and went on to become a Labour councillor.

In 1974, he married Jane Chapman, a fellow Labour Councillor for Haringey and now a professor at the University of Lincoln, but the marriage broke down and they divorced in 1979.

In the wake of his first marriage, the Labour leader reportedly invited fellow activists to his London flat where they were “shaken” to find Ms Abbott in his bed, one of his friends recalled.

Comrade Corbyn, a biography of the Labour leader by Rosa Prince, describes the incident, which took place in 1979.

Ms Prince wrote: “Some of Corbyn’s friends in the local Hornsey party received a somewhat rude introduction to his new lover.

“In September 1979, undeterred by Labour’s defeat nationally a few months earlier, Corbyn summoned a small group of activists together early on morning to hit the campaign trail.

“A party member who was present that day says:

“One Sunday autumn morning, he had broken up with Jane [Chapman, his first wife], and we were out leafleting.

“And for some reason he called four or five of us and said: ‘Oh, we’ve got to go back to my flat and pick up some leaflets.’

“It seemed a bit odd – ‘Why the hell didn’t you bring them with you, Jeremy?’

“So we all bowl along to his bedsit, follow Jeremy into the room; there on the mattress on the floor in the one room is Diane with the duvet up to her neck, saying: ‘What the ****’s going on?’

“We were quite shaken.

“You know what it’s like when people you know both sides of break up – you have no inkling they’re going to break up, then suddenly they break up.

“So there was a bit of people’s surprise at that.

“It was [the]late ’70s, it was still a point of interest, a white man with a black woman, so he was slightly showing off: ‘I’ve got a new girlfriend, and she’s black’.”

The book, which was created based on interviews with close friends and members of Mr Corbyn’s family, provides insight on his brief relationship with Ms Abbott and how she helped establish his credentials on the Labour Left.

According to a Labour figure present at the time, Mr Corbyn appeared to believe letting it be known that he was in a relationship with a black woman would help his position and further demonstrate his commitment to radical Left-wing politics.

In Comrade Corbyn, the current Labour leader is said to have met Diane Abbott a few months after his separation from Ms Chapman.

At the time of Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott’s meeting, the later was 26 and working as race relations officer for the National Council of Civil Liberties.

The relationship between the two is said to have lasted less than a year, but a strong friendship and alliance was forged.

As of December 12, Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott are both fighting to maintain their roles as MPs.

Mr Corbyn is defending his position as the MP of Islington North which he has held since 1983.

In 2017, the Labour leader won his seat with 73 percent of the votes, a 12.7 percentage point increase since 2015.

By comparison, Ms Abbott has been the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987.

She won her seat in 2017 with 75.1 percent of the vote share, a 12.2 percentage point rise from 2015.


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