Jeremy Corbyn CRISIS: Another former Labour MP calls party chief ‘huge risk’ to Britain


JOAN Ryan became the latest former Labour MP to refused to back the party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

The former minister warned that putting the hard-Left Labour leader into Downing Street would be a “huge risk” for the country. She joined former Commons colleagues Ian Austin, John Woodcock and Gisela Stuart declining to support their former party at the December 12 poll. Ms Ryan, who quit the Labour Party in February, said: “I’m not here to tell people how they should vote, I’m simply here to say – I’m not voting for Jeremy Corbyn.”

Ms Ryan refused to say who she would be voting for in the election admitted backing another party’s candidate would be “a very conflicting thing to do when you have always voted Labour.”

She said: “But I have come to the conclusion I definitely do that [not vote Labour], because I think you have to stand by your values, stand by your principle and stand by your country.

“I would urge people, I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I think people know that there is a huge risk if we vote for Jeremy Corbyn.”

She urged Labour MPs to oust Mr Corbyn after the election.

Mr Austin, appearing alongside Ms Ryan at a news conference in Westminster, described Mr Corbyn as “completely unfit to lead our country” and urged voters to back Boris Johnson.

“We’re appalled that a political party that we both joined that we joined to fight racism which has a long history and proud record of fighting for equality and standing against racism has been poisoned by racism against Jewish people under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership,” said Mr Austin, who is chairman of the anti-extremism campaign group Mainstream.


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