Jesus Christ outrage: Film about gay Lord sparks fury as 1m demand Netflix movie removed


A NETFLIX film about a gay Jesus has been met with huge backlash, with one million people petitioning to get the show taken off the streaming service.

The Netflix film, made in Brazil, has faced huge popular backlash after it depicted Jesus Christ as a closeted homosexual. It was released two weeks ago, on December 3, but has since seen one million people demand it be pulled from Netflix.

The First Temptation of Christ sees Jesus and a “friend” named Orlando arriving at Mary and Joseph’s house for a birthday party.

The storyline follows Jesus attempting to deny his true feelings – that he is gay – while downplaying his relationship with Orlando.

Orlando, however, has other plans, and hints the pair are more than just friends.

The Netflix description reads: “Jesus, who’s hitting the big 3-0, brings a surprise guest to meet the family.

“A Christmas special so wrong, it must be from comedians Porta dos Fundos.”

Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the right-wing Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, took to social media to blast the film.

He wrote: “We support freedom of expression, but is it worth attacking the belief of 86 percent of the population?”

And Bishop Henrique Soares da Costa wrote that he had cancelled his Netflix account in protest at the “blasphemous, vulgar and disrespectful” skit.

Porta dos Fundos said in a statement: “We value artistic freedom and humor through satire on the most diverse cultural themes of our society and believes that freedom of expression is an essential construction for a democratic country.”

Brazil was not the only nation to have hit back at the show.

India too said the show should be axed from Netflix domains all around the world, and demanded an unconditional apology from the streaming platform.

Abraham Mathai, president, Indian Christian Voice said: “As a member of the Christian community and follower of Christ, I join the rest of hundreds of thousands who have registered their protests calling for the Netflix Christmas Special depicting Jesus in a gay relationship to be axed immediately.

“Even though freedom of expression is a fundamental and a constitutional right, using the same liberty to offend the sentiments of the members of a particular faith persuasion is highly abhorrent and totally unacceptable.”

“The film, besides being blasphemous, vulgar and disrespectful, should be pulled off forthwith without any further delay, as it is seriously and highly offensive to the Christian community worldwide.

“Netflix should follow the example set by Walmart by making a public apology to the Christian community world over by withdrawing the Christmas sweater which had an offensive message.”

He added: ”Belittling and negating the deity and stature of a person who turned the world right side up with his exemplary character and impeccable integrity should not be entertained under any circumstances.

“The First Temptation Of Christ” has been created by Brazil-based YouTube comedy group Porta dos Fundos, which translates to ‘Back Door’.

“The New York Daily News reports that the 46-minute Christmas Special depicts a weed-smoking Mary, and shows how Jesus comes home to attend his birthday party with a male friend.

“At the party, the friend belts out songs for Jesus that has lyrics as, ‘In the heat of the desert I saw the size of his huge power.”

People also took to Twitter to voice their concern over the film.

One user wrote: “Good afternoon to everybody except Netflix for making a Christmas movie about a gay Jesus (yes, seriously).”

Another said: “Netflix is now releasing a movie about a gay Jesus for the Christmas season.

“Don’t say you weren’t warned #DumpHollywood.”


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