JK Rowling’s right, everyone’s entitled to their views but so are those of us who disagree


JK Rowling has just done the best bit of writing of her life. And there wasn’t even a house elf or a dementor involved.

The Harry Potter author has put her name to a letter demanding a bit more freedom for people to speak their minds.

A bit less censorship. Fewer people sacked because they said something that made other people annoyed. Or — heaven forbid — offended them.

The letter has been signed by a whole bunch of writers. Including quite a few lefties, such as the American Noam Chomsky and the Canadian feminist Margaret Atwood.

It’s been a long time coming.

This is the most chilling time for freedom of speech that I can ever remember.

Almost every day someone is sacked for giving their opinion on some controversial matter. Often simply for saying what the vast majority of ordinary people think.

JK Rowling has suffered vile abuse and death threats. All she has done is suggest that a man who transitions into a woman isn’t an actual woman, biologically or indeed subjectively.

Rowling was worried about transgender women being put in women’s prisons, for example.

Another writer who tweeted her support for Rowling was immediately sacked by her publishers. This followed furious denunciations from the hysterical transgender lobby.

Transgender people are absolutely entitled to their opinions, of course. So are those in Black Lives Matter.

But so are the people who ­disagree with them.

Too often the leftie campaigners on race and gender shriek from the rooftops that someone should be sacked because they said something they didn’t like. And here’s the problem.

Terrified of bad publicity, organisations, institutions and companies go along with those demands. In an abject and cowardly ­fashion.

Mike McCulloch, a maths lecturer at Plymouth University was investigated by his college simply for liking a tweet that read “All lives matter.” This was an alleged hate crime!

Feminist campaigner Posie Parker started a petition to get the Oxford English Dictionary to keep the definition of a woman as “an adult female”.

Her petition was removed by moderators for a “hate crime”.

This is insane. But then there was the case of Stu Peters, a talk show host in the Isle of Man.

He challenged the concept of white privilege. Suspended. Another hate crime.

Luckily all these people have been helped out by the Free Speech Union, which fights the corner of those victimised. And gets tough with spineless organisations that go along with the radical Left agenda.

Maybe JK Rowling should join up. It’s only a couple of quid per week. Stu Peters is now back on air.

The letter signed by Rowling stated: “The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted.”

That’s exactly right. It has never been more difficult to tell the truth as you see it, without someone screaming that you should be sacked for holding views they ­disagree with.

The stifling of views is the mark of a totalitarian society. And it breeds deep resentment and ­division.

At last the ­liberal intellectuals have woken up to the fact.

The rest of us have known it for a long while.

IF you ever cop off with Amber Heard, make sure you have a spare set of bedsheets ready.

According to her ex, Johnny Depp, she did a poo in his bed. Or one of her friends did, Johnny couldn’t be sure.

One of the most surprising things to come out of the court case is that Johnny apparently took lots of drugs.

I mean, who’d have thought it? He even gave his daughter Lily-Rose some marijuana when she was just 13. Said it was “responsible parenting”.

If you ever worry that your kids are getting into drugs, just tell them about Johnny and what a great success he’s made of his private life.

THE Government is giving house buyers a free holiday from stamp duty.

That’s the tax – a whopping amount – paid by the buyer when they purchase a house.

Like a lot of taxes, it’s a con. When it was introduced, it wasn’t expected to last long.

And it wasn’t very much money.

That was in 1694. Once a government has thought up a tax, they never let it go. It just grows and grows.

So here’s my suggestion – scrap stamp duty ­altogether. It’s had its day.

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