John Cleese, the creator of “Monty Python,” has canceled a performance due to the venue’s “woke rules.”


John Cleese, the creator of “Monty Python,” has canceled a show due to the venue’s “woke rules.”

John Cleese, a former member of “Monty Python” and an accomplished actor, has canceled an upcoming appearance due to the venue’s “woke rules.”

Another speaker was blasted by the organization that runs the venue for doing a satirical Hitler impersonation, which prompted the cancellation.

Cleese was scheduled to speak in front of students at the Cambridge Union—a Cambridge University society dedicated to “defending free debate”—this coming Friday, according to the Independent.

Things changed when Andrew Graham-Dixon, a British art historian and broadcaster, spoke at the Union and was videotaped.

According to the JC, Graham-Dixon was in the middle of a debate about the idea that “There is no such thing as good taste” and used an impression of Hitler to exemplify bad taste, implying that if there is bad taste, there must also be good taste.

As a result, Graham-Dixon was blacklisted by the free-speech advocacy group, which called his language “grotesque.”

In a previous statement, Graham-Dixon wrote, “In my speech, I caricatured Hitler, briefly paraphrasing his crass and insensitive statements about art and race.”

“I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my debating tactics and use of Hitler’s own language; on reflection, some of the words I used, even in quotation, are inherently offensive.”

Cleese announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he had decided to leave the Cambridge Union because of its “woke rules” in response to Graham-Dixon’s blacklisting.

One tweet reads, “I was looking forward to talking to students at the Cambridge Union this Friday, but I hear that someone there has been blacklisted for doing a Hitler impersonation.”

“I’m blacklisting myself before someone else does what I did on a ‘Monty Python’ show,” she says.

“I apologise to anyone at Cambridge who was hoping to talk with me,” Cleese concludes in a separate tweet. “But perhaps some of you can find a venue where woke rules do not apply,” he adds.

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