Johnny Depp texted Amber Heard’s dad to say sorry after he headbutted her during furious bust-up


JOHNNY Depp texted Amber Heard’s father an apology for “going too far” after an incident where she was headbutted, the High Court heard today.

The actor admitted their heads clashed but insisted it was an accident.

Photos produced in court showed her with black eyes and a bloodied lip after the December 2015 bust-up at their LA penthouse.

It was claimed in March that year Depp threw a decanter at Ms Heard and grabbed her hair, removing “clumps” from her scalp as he pulled her upstairs.

He allegedly grabbed her throat and screamed: “I’m going to kill you.”

Depp said: “I tried to walk away from Ms Heard to avoid any physical violence.”

The court heard Depp hit and tried to choke his wife on their August 2015 honeymoon on the Eastern & Oriental Express train in Asia.

Depp replied: “That is not at all what happened.”

After the December bust-up Depp, 57, texted her dad David saying: “Yes I f***** up and went too far in our fights.

“I cannot and will not excuse my part inside these dramas but I can promise you with all confidence they will never happen again.

“My most sincere apologies if I let you down.”

Depp insisted he was not apologising for abusing Aquaman star Ms Heard, 34 — but for the fact that “things would escalate to the point they did”.

He is suing The Sun for calling him a “wife beater” in a 2018 article.

The paper and Ms Heard say the term was justified.

Sasha Wass QC, for The Sun, asked him: “Do you agree that your admission that people in this court will have heard for the first time that there was a headbutt, is very important?”

Depp replied: “Yes it is important”.

Ms Wass earlier read a message from a nurse who had spoken with Ms Heard after the incident.

The actress had told her Depp was “inebriated and used his forehead to hit her head”.

Depp was asked if he could think of any reason why Ms Heard would give that account to a nurse if untrue.

He replied: “I would say very simply that Ms Heard, as I’ve stated before, can never be wrong and she is not going to admit to her nurse — to anyone who isn’t close to her, if at all — she isn’t going to reveal the truth, at all.”

The court heard a recording of Depp in the aftermath of the incident in which he told her: “I head-butted you in the f****** forehead. That doesn’t break a nose.”

Ms Heard was recorded saying: “I couldn’t believe you did that.”

Ms Wass put it to the actor that he had changed his account after he became aware of a recording of himself and Ms Heard discussing the incident “very recently”.

She also read a message from Ms Heard to a pal saying: “Johnny beat me up pretty bad. I am hurt, I don’t know what to do.”

The barrister asked Depp if he could think of any reason why Ms Heard’s friends would think she had been damaged.

He replied: “I believe Ms Heard needed to build a team around her of her dedicated followers, who are all scared to death of her.”

Describing an incident between the pair Ms Wass said: “You had been drinking and were extremely angry.

“You lost your temper for no reason. You threw a decanter at Ms Heard and punched the walls.

“By this time you were routinely using violence against Ms Heard when you were intoxicated — a slap, pushing her over, or worse.”

Depp again denied it and said: “She had a great deal of anger.”

The court was shown a photo of Depp’s damage to the penthouse including a kitchen counter scrawl in gold marker saying: “Why be a fraud? All is such bulls**t.”

Ms Wass said: “Ms Heard had black eyes and injuries to nose and mouth. You caused those injuries.”

Depp said: “If she suffered any injuries I can explain why.

“She was swinging wildly at me from behind.

“As I was walking away, I turned, covering my head, and she’s swinging wildly, so the only thing I could do was run or try to get my arms around her to stop her flailing and punching me.

“When I did so there was a collision. That is the only potential injury she could have had.”

Depp said his reference to a “headbutt” was because Ms Heard had called it that.

Ms Heard sent images of her injuries to her parents, the court heard.

David texted Depp saying: “I could fix this if I could sit down with you and Amber at the same time.”

Depp sent his apology text days later, the court heard.

Earlier, Depp claimed the “happy pills” he asked his assistant to acquire in a text were prescription medication not illegal drugs.

He said: “The doctor prescribed Xanax for anxiety and sleep and to remain calm, and Adderall.”

Ms Wass said: “Ecstasy is often referred to as happy pills, isn’t it?”

Depp replied: “You seem to be more familiar with it than I am.”

It’s the lowest point I’ve ever been in my life — on the floor sobbing like a child

The court heard Depp attacked Ms Heard on a 2014 trip to the Bahamas to beat his painkiller addiction.

Ms Wass said he got angry because Ms Heard wouldn’t give him medication when he demanded it so he slapped and kicked her.

Depp said: “I told her I needed the meds because the shakes and cramps were starting to come on.

“It’s the lowest point I’ve ever been in my life — on the floor sobbing like a child.”

He added: “I did not hit or attack her in any way.

“I was not in any physical condition to do so anyway.

“I’m going to suggest her testimony is fabricated.

“I believe it is part of her dossier, which was a fine insurance policy for her.”

Ms Wass also read out a message sent by Depp to an unidentified person on October 4, 2014.

In it he said: “I shall exit in one hour a monster.

“Shall we each swallow an E at around 8pm and go to dinner (at a) wonderful Peruvian spot?”

Asked if “Peruvian spot” was a cocaine reference, Depp said: “It’s a mystery to me.

“It might have been a Peruvian restaurant, it might have been a reference to cocaine.”

On December 12, 2014, Depp texted Ms Heard saying: “Slim I love you so. I couldn’t be more sorry for yet again ruining your day. I always regret when I jump or worse, when you jump. I’m a f****** savage.”

Ms Wass suggested this was Depp apologising for being violent.

He said: “Calling myself a savage is certainly not me confessing to what you’re suggesting. I disagree with your dissection of this text.”

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